European, also known as "English", and European/American Style Golden Retrievers 
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Laurie Sue Bakay using Tellington TTouch on our Izzie/Logan puppies - Dec, 2013.
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     We are very excited to announce the birth of our adorable               Nicolett & Braedon son, born on September 9, 2019!
       Pictures and videos are posted on the puppy website at                 


The lovely Nicolett is one of the most affectionate Goldens I have ever had. She is full of life, very willing to please and always ready to snuggle. She is loved everywhere she goes! Along with her outstanding temperament, Nicolett has correct structure, jet black pigment with a substantial amount of bone and coat, and is an excellent retriever. Nicolett is the product of a long awaited combination between my beautiful Scarlett - Int'l CH Acadia Deja Voodoo, UKC ptd and the stunning Nicolaas - Can CH Ramchaine Magnetic, CCA.  
Braedon is everything I breed for!  He carries lovely coat and has a large, blocky head, substantial bone, excellent pigment, outstanding front and rear angles, and a solid top line with correct tail set. His unparalleled sweet and loving personality, along with his correct structure, that he passes on to his offspring, make this breeding a wonderful combination. He is the son of the beautiful "Shayla" - Blackpool Acadia Ice On Fire from Blackpool Kennels in Canada and the gorgeous "Oliver" -Winchester Of The Hellacious Acres who I brought home from The Netherlands in 2013, when he was eight weeks old.

Acadia Amore Eterno - Braedon
Acadia's Bewitchery - Nicolett
Health Clearances:  (Both Nicolett & Braedon)

Hips:  OFA Good
Elbows:  OFA Normal
Heart:  Cardiologist Normal
Eyes:  2019 Exams Normal
DNA Testing:  Puppy is clear for prcd PRA, PRA-1, PRA-2 and is not ICT-A or NCL affected  
(copies of all health reports will be provided)

From Puppy Culture:  

Having one puppy is fun and easy and you get to do so much with them.  They tend to be super engaging and, in our observation, they are no more likely to grow up well or poorly adjusted than puppies from large litters.  They are AWESOME!
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 - I am planning on breeding again some time before the end of the year.