European, also known as "English", and European/American Style Golden Retrievers 
                                                 bred from established lines
Please be sure you are committed to giving one of our puppies a forever home before submitting a Puppy Questionnaire.
                                   Questionnaires are usually accepted after our girls are bred.
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Search Summary: Golden Retriever dog breeders in Raleigh, North Carolina (NC) offering quality English Golden Retriever puppies and English/American blends. 

Beware of breeders advertising the following at excessively high prices: White Golden Retriever Puppies, English Golden Retriever Puppies, English Cream Golden Retrievers, English Cream Goldens, English Golden Retriever puppies for sale, White Golden Retrievers puppies for sale, and White English Golden Retrievers. .
Did you know that Golden Retriever is one of the most commonly misspelled and misnamed dog breeds? There is only one breed - they are all Golden Retrievers! Misspellings and misnomers for Golden Retriever include English Cream Golden Retrivers, English Cream Golden Retreiver, White Golden Retreivers, English Golden Retreiver, English Cream puppies, English Cream retreiver, English Cream retrievers, English Cream for sale, English Cream golden, White Golden Retriver, White Golden Retrevier, White Golden Retriever puppies, English Golden Retrievers puppies, English Cream retriever puppy, English Creme Golden Retriever, English Creme goldens and English Cream Golden Retriver. 

Laurie Sue Bakay using Tellington TTouch on our Izzie/Logan puppies - Dec, 2013.
Force Free Dog Training, Tellington TTouch, Animal Massage, Pet CPR/First Aid Training

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Please read "About Us & Reserving A Puppy" before submitting a questionnaire.

Future Litters
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* If you have e-mailed me and not received a reply yet, I apologize.  I have gotten behind due to the numerous puppy inquiries I receive daily.  Thank you for your patience!  
I do not have any future litters planned at this time and am not accepting questionnaires.  I am always available and very happy to answer questions via e-mail.  I sometimes get behind so replies may take a week or more.