Although I wish we could keep all of our Goldens, sometimes a
                        puppy/young adult would rather not be a show dog or did not turn
                        out to be something I was looking for to include in our breeding
                        program, or one of our girls is retired and I feel she would rather
                        be in a home where she could be the center of attention. 

                        This is a great opportunity for families  who would rather not
                        experience the puppy stages. 

                        Most of my Goldens stay here with us but the few I have placed
                        have adjusted well and became treasured family members, enjoying
                        all the love and individual attention they deserve.   I miss them a
                        lot but it's been wonderful to see the joy they bring to their new
                        Prices vary depending on the individual Golden.


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Golden Opportunities
I do not have any older Goldens available at this time.  If I hear of anyone who does, I can give them your contact info.  Otherwise. please check with your local Golden Retriever Club or Golden Retriever Rescue.
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