U-CH Acadia Temptress Of The Knight, AKC Major Ptd.
                                 BelleAmi's My Enchanted Knight
                                       Ch. Kzar's Acadia Kiara Blue
                                                     at the bridge

                             UKC Top 10 2007!            

 Afghan Hounds
                AM CH Kzar's Acadia Kiara Blue, NCA BIS Ptd.
Ch. Ripshin Kzar's The Winning Spirit, JC x Ch. Qazara Kzar's Power Of Love, JC
                                                          at the bridge
AM CH Kzar Acadia's Mysterious Ways, NCA Ptd.  (4 majors, Jr. Handled)
          Ch. Ripshin Kzar's The Winning Spirit, JC x Ch. Qazara Kzar's Power Of Love, JC
                                                                at the bridge

       U-CH Acadia Phantom Of The Knight, AKC Major Ptd.
                                      BelleAmi's My Enchanted Knight
                                                        Ch. Kzar's Acadia Kiara Blue
                                                                       at the bridge

  Acadia Music Of The Knight, AKC Ptd.
                  BelleAmi's My Enchanted Knight
                               Ch. Kzar's Acadia Kiara Blue
                                              at th bridge

 Good Luck, Pam and Lyric, in the ring!!!
Most of all, thank you Pam, for giving our
      girl such a wonderful, loving home.

***      5/17/08 - Lyric goes WB and BOS
     in Durango, Colorado, owner handled! 

Expertly handled by his friend - my son, Doug Covert. Jr.
              I could not be prouder of the both of them! 

This is how one of our beautiful Afghan Hound puppies was taken care of by the people who bought her as a show prospect.   She was 9 months old,  living outside, with a small dog house that had a hole in the top and no floor, in an area with no shade.  She was tethered to a stake - tangled to the point where she had about 2 feet of line.  She had a horse water bucket that was filthy.. She was full of worms.  Her beautiful black coat was severly matted and bleached red by the sun. When I approached her she started screaming, she was so affraid of me.  This continued for about 5-10 minutes - no one came out of the house to see if she was okay. I brought her home and she enjoyed nine months of playing with her littermates and basking in the love and attention she so deserved before succumbing to a cancer which vets we consulted felt was most likely induced by trauma.  The excuse for her cruel treatment - she was peeing in the house.
There are not enough words to express our thanks to a fellow Golden Retriever breeder and friend, who checked on her serveral times for us and was there with us when we brought her home.  

5 weeks old - A future Champion
         A breeder's dream to.....
 8 months old
a breeder's heartbreak
Run free sweet girl...
Until we meet again
            There's a cloud in the sky and it's raining on you  
         Still you try to keep dry but your troubles leak through                            And you've lost all you could,feeling sad  
                           Choose your reveries  
                      Keep the good,leave the bad        
                Take a few of these,the sweeter memories  
              Don't forget them please,the sweeter memories  
               To set your mind at ease,the truest remedies  
                        Are the sweeter memories               
             There's a life full of pain and a life full of glee  
            So you see that the rain doesn't mean much to me  
         For I know that it pays making light of living's tragedies  
                        Make your days be as bright  
                Take a few of these,the sweeter memories
                                                                  Todd Rungren
   Always in my heart...
   Never far from my thoughts...
A Tribute...
Acadia Vision Of The Knight
           3/19/04 - 9/6/05
Although all but one of my Afghan Hounds are now at the bridge, I am so very proud of their accomplishments and will always cherish having had them in my life.
My sweet Kali just before I had to say good-bye to her                    at 18 mths of age.

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The newest member of our family:
Shante Acadia Sky Full of Stars
AM CH Enarki Lil Red Riding Hoodlum 
AM CH Shante Qazara Feng Shui Kzar
UKC- King, NC
Very much loved and always owner handled  by my son, Doug Covert, Jr!