Welcome to ACADIA GOLDEN RETRIEVERS, located on 24 acres in rural Lee County, North Carolina, about one hour southwest of Raleigh - home to quality, AKC European, "English" style Golden Retrievers and European / American style blends.  Over the years we have participated in AKC, UKC, IABCA, and NCA shows in conformation, field and obedience training, and dock diving with our Goldens.  I am a Golden Retriever owner/hobby breeder, dedicated to focusing on health, temperament, trainability and type, with the goal of producing multi purpose Golden Retriever puppies that conform to the breed standard, but first and foremost, puppies that are well adjusted, loving family companions.  I am also now offering litter research services for families overwhelmed by the various health clearances, etc., pertaining to Goldens.

Our beautiful Afghan Hounds, now all at the bridge, except for Lyra, have competed in AKC, UKC, and NCA, obtaining conformation championships and UKC National top 10 ranking.

To learn more, please visit the "About Us & Reserving A Puppy" page and take a moment to view our canine family!

Member in good standing of: 
                              Golden Retriever Club of America (GRCA)

 Former member in good standing (memberships not renewed) of:
                                Tarheel Golden Retriever Club - (member 2005-2022                                     -not in agreement with future direction of club in                                      certain areas or some breeders not following GRCA                                     COE/TGRC requirements concerning health                                     clearances)
                                Moore County Kennel Club - (members were not                                     allowed to exhibit at club's yearly dog show)
                                Sandlapper Golden Retriever Club - (could not                                     participate due to distance)
                                Carolina Afghan Hound Club - (could not participate                                         much due to distance)



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                                                                          any breeder using the name "Acadia". 


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Summary for search engines: Golden Retriever dog breeders in Raleigh, North Carolina (NC) offering quality English Golden Retriever puppies and English/American blends. 

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Did you know that Golden Retriever is one of the most commonly misspelled and misnamed dog breeds? There is only one breed - they are all Golden Retrievers! Misspellings and misnomers for Golden Retriever include English Cream Golden Retrivers, English Cream Golden Retreiver, White Golden Retreivers, English Golden Retreiver, English Cream puppies, English Cream retreiver, English Cream retrievers, English Cream for sale, English Cream golden, White Golden Retriver, White Golden Retrevier, White Golden Retriever pupies, English Golden Retrievers puppies, English Cream retriever puppy and English Cream Golden Retriver. 

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Logan dock diving!
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"The GRCA provides puppy referral as a convenience to puppy buyers to find out about breeders who are GRCA members and their litters. GRCA takes no responsibility whatsoever for any puppies/dogs that you may acquire through GRCA puppy referral. GRCA is not responsible for any breeder’s sale practices and sales contracts, nor will GRCA be involved in any manner in contract disputes between puppy buyers and breeders. Availability of puppies and conditions of sale are at the sole discretion of the individual breeder. Buyers are encouraged to read ACQUIRING A GOLDEN RETRIEVER, as found on the grca.org website, for general information about obtaining a puppy, to take as much time as necessary to locate a reputable breeder from whom they feel comfortable purchasing a puppy, and to investigate breeders and their puppies thoroughly before committing to a purchase. You are not obligated to purchase a puppy from the breeders whose names you obtain from GRCA puppy referral."